Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Galaxy Note III launching with 2.5GB RAM?


Is the fabled 3GB RAM smartphone destined to remain a dream? For all the talk the idea gets, we really haven’t seen anything come of it. There was the theory that the LG G2 might usher in the era of such memory capacity, but we ultimately saw it go the 2GB route, instead. And there was the Ubuntu Edge, which would have packed a hefty 4GB of memory, but that project has already folded. That’s left the Galaxy Note III as the best contender, and with its launch almost certainly occurring this Wednesday, we’ll have the full story on its hardware shortly. In the meantime, a new leak offers a GN3 screenshot, some benchmark info, and the tantalizing detail that the Note III could arrive with 2.5GB of RAM

First, let’s talk about the device screenshot. As you can see below, this particular Note 3 is model SM-N9005, and runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with build number JSS15J. Not much else here worth taking notice of.

Turning to the second screenshot, we have a benchmark. Honestly, we’re not going to read into this one too much. Sure there are other devices that have achieved much higher results than this, but it is impossible to judge a handset based on a single benchmark.

Keep in mind that the device could actually have 3GB of RAM, but 512MB might be reserved for something else and therefore not counted. There’s also the possibility that the screenshots and/or alleged specs aren’t correct, so speculation is certainly advised.
Then again, we also suppose that there very well could be physically 3GB present here, but with 512MB somehow reserved and not generally accessible – whatever the case, Samsung should spell it out in full detail in what’s quite literally a matter of hours at this point.

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